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de_train map

The de_train card was inferior in popularity to Mirage and Dust2 in the original Counter-Strike, but also migrated from it to Global Offensive. Fierce shootings here flared up in the narrow corridors of the railway depot, and large open hangars – a real hunting ground for snipers. Features of de_train in CS:GO are best revealed at the points of laying the bomb. Players have to use all known tactical tricks to win. 

Although both zones are similar in structure, the “B” has a smaller open space. In addition, there is a roof, making the location darker, so to determine the direction of attack is much harder. Deciding to go to point “B”, be fully armed – usually the area is storming the team with an economic advantage. Climbing on the roof, snipers see in the sight of almost the entire area, and places for hiding here is not enough. The most effective tactics is the same as in point “A” – use grenades to disorient the enemy.

When defending at de_train, the snipers are in a distance. They climb on the train carriages or even under them to keep the entrances and exits in sight. Under these conditions, the usual assault is doomed. So it is necessary to use smoke and light-noise grenades to blind the enemy and hide their movements. Throw the smoke grenade into one of the entrances, and you will invisibly enter from the other. There are great chances that in this case, you will be able to catch the enemy off guard. However, the shards will also be useful. Beginners often forget about the secluded places under the cars, but experienced players with a sharp grenade throw can easily smoke a hidden opponent. When storming both points, always keep the action plan in mind. Almost every corner can wait for death, so you need to act quickly and decisively. Often, the best solution is not even a bold attack zone, but waiting for the most convenient moment to attack.

The situation is different with the corridors connecting different sections of de_train. In narrow aisles there is nowhere to hide, and shootings here often turn into a meat grinder, especially for groups of players. Corridors are the best places for ambushes, as the enemy often does not have time to retreat. Accordingly, the weapons need a different one. Sniper rifle is simply useless in limited space, so take a shotgun and light grenades.

The central part of de_train rarely becomes a battlefield. The value of the “middle” is limited to jumps to change the dislocation. However, snipers can also ambush here, so always be on the lookout. The rules are the same – caution and a full backpack of grenades.

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