Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced that he will create a plan to jumpstart the economy by improving the nation’s tourism industry. A new program is slated to launch in July and could generate up to $12.5 billion USD.

The plan is being put forward by the central government and includes a number of incentives for tourists. These include the introduction of visa-free travel for short-term business and tourism from more than 60 nations. This will be a big boost to Japan’s economy. However, the details are still a bit fuzzy.

The program is designed to be a public-private partnership, with Japan’s tourism authority saying that the plan will help local businesses renovate luxury accommodations. It will also underwrite a portion of on-the-ground costs for visitors. Even so, the cost will be decided on a ratio basis.

In addition, a tourism policy plan has been developed that will focus on encouraging local economies to attract more visitors. It also emphasizes developing acceptance for foreign travelers. At the same time, the plan aims to protect employment in the tourism-related industries.

According to the plan, about ten model tourist locations are being considered. Each of the locations will be designed to encourage travelers to visit them. Among these are Kyoto, Nagano, Tokyo and Osaka. Using these sites, travel designers will develop itineraries to suit the interests of the tourists. They will also consider the psychological factors affecting travel decisions.

The most important component of the program is a reimbursement system for travelers who purchase their trips through a travel agent. The plan will pay a percentage of the cost of certain travel products and lodging even if the hotel or property is not discounted.

Aside from the plan’s primary objective, there are also some other benefits to traveling to Japan. While the yen has fallen to 24 year lows, travelers will receive discounts on transportation costs, such as bullet trains. For instance, an individual traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto will be given a discount on the ticket. Travelers will also be able to purchase tickets for events and concerts in Japanese cities.

Aside from the aforementioned scheme, Japan is also planning to expand its domestic tourism promotion program. Under the new program, tourists would be able to receive discounts on tickets for local attractions and restaurants. Additionally, the government is also considering a more aggressive plan to open its borders to international travelers.

Japan is also working on a tourism strategy that will provide a multi-billion dollar budget to lure back foreign travelers. If the plan is put into effect, it is estimated that visitors will spend approximately 2.1 trillion yen by 2023. But how quickly it will be able to rebound from this year’s drop in visitor numbers remains to be seen.

Tourism has always been an important industry in Japan. However, the coronavirus pandemic has dramatically altered travel plans. Tourists are now avoiding nature and congestion to avoid catching infections. Also, some countries have closed their borders to prevent the spread of the disease. Although Japan has lifted restrictions on overseas visitors, the pandemic still has an impact on the country’s economy.