You can always see people walking around the city with huge backpacks and looking at something else from the sights. They do so because the station’s luggage room is expensive. We can recommend to everyone a universal way, which always works – to go to the hotel (or restaurant) and ask to leave things there for the day. Some of them agree. If not, go to the next place. This method has been tested in dozens of countries around the world. This method (to leave things in hotels, cafes, shops, etc.) is very popular and works almost everywhere. Now there are even special services such as that help you to find places where you can leave your luggage even for a few days. 

In a cafe you ask the chief (administrator, director), if he is not present – communicate with ordinary staff. In hotels it is enough to talk to employees at the administration desk, as a rule. Tell them the phrase prepared in advance: “Good afternoon! I am a traveler from…, I am now passing through your city and will be leaving in the evening. Now I would like to see your city during the day, but I have a small problem -… (Then you point at the luggage and talk about it). You could have left it with you until tonight.

Features – sometimes there are paid services of this nature (often – in very tourist places, very rarely – in ordinary places), you can not go with a large backpack in a very small shop or commercial tent (there is no room there, it is better in the hotel – there is a special room for storage of luggage guests or a cafe / store with a back room, a warehouse), if the country is afraid of terrorism – more often refused, but still you can find a place. The passport will not be asked, it happens seldom, the luggage can be asked to show “What if there is a bomb? Surely you answer that there is no bomb, but there is a tent, a sleeping bag, a mat, and it is all very heavy. Here, look, please.

If you arrive in the city for the whole day – it is better to go straight to the center, there are shops, cafes, hotels everywhere, and if one of them is refused, go to the next house – ask there. However, if you are going to the city for a couple of hours and you are driving along the highway, it makes sense to leave your belongings in the cafe as a highway, then walk to the center, walk, look around, walk back and go again. Always watch the opening hours of the shop – sometimes they close at 5-6 p.m. and it is too early to take things out, in this sense, the hotel and cafe is better – because they work late / around the clock.

Sometimes they seem to agree, but offer to leave things right in the hall of the cafe, where the dubious audience has lunch – here at your discretion, can steal things. It is better not to agree to such a thing. If you are directly at the railway station or bus station – it is bad, in shops and cafes you will be sent to the storage room. Step away from the station for 10 minutes on foot, there will already be normal. If your luggage is small, you can leave it in the luggage room in the supermarket drawer. For larger items, this is not usually the way to do it.

A special exotic chic is to leave things in the museum. Sometimes it is very convenient (if not until late to walk), and you do not have to ask anyone. Example. You come to Krakow (Poland), go to the very center of the medieval castle of Wawel – one of the main objects for inspection. There is a luggage room for visitors to the castle – in a separate building on the street in front of the ticket office. Rent out your belongings in the morning and turn around and go back to the city, walk the streets until the evening. In the evening you pick up your belongings, and you don’t have to go to the castle itself (this is optional). Wardrobes and storage rooms can also be found in other museums.

But if you don’t want to spend time and beg, you can use special services about which we have already written above. This option will allow you to leave your belongings for a minimum price.