To understand whether an idea will be interesting to someone, you should try to sell it at an early stage. The more often the better. The question is to whom? Your mother, friends, wife, husband – their opinion is invaluable only when they are your potential customers or users. Those close to you wish you the best, but think about it, you can not start to act because your idea was cut off by those for whom it is not valuable. Or, conversely, they over-praised your idea, but didn’t use your product after it was launched. 

That’s betrayal, isn’t it? Actually, no. First, people buy irrationally. Who’s willing to answer why they bought those fancy old-school sneakers at an inflated price? Or paid $300 for a subscription to an online game for a few months? Most of the companies we are consumers of today would not have passed the idea validation stage by potential customers. 

The main reasons

Man knows little about the reasons for his actions; it’s the entrepreneur’s job to act in the dark and believe he’s on the right track. During your surveys, no one sees the full picture of exactly how you’re going to execute your idea. What is this product going to look like? What will happen to it on a sensory level? Regardless of your role in the startup, you need to learn how to sell it from idea to launch to development. How do you approach selling it? As long as you only have an idea on your hands, practice with a verbal presentation, gather the “core” of the startup in your head, make appointments for yourself, and ask the right questions. 

If your startup idea only works within one city or region, think twice. Look at who you are going to compete with. See who is already “playing big” in this market. If there are such players, that’s a good thing. Big companies tend to be very sluggish because of their huge staff, inertia, and also because they went from “booming growth” to “conserving resources” a long time ago. Find out what needs of their customers they cannot or do not want to meet. 

In the future, if you successfully test your hypothesis, corporate representatives will come to your office with an offer to buy, and you can sell the business if you are interested. Ultimately, your product has to turn out to be something that consumers will love. So the focus should be on how to satisfy your customers, not on how to outsmart your competitors. You can also use modern startups services to get a positive result.