The useful product has a soothing effect, so in case of intestinal malfunction you can lightly heat the product up to half a tablespoon and take it every few hours. Hemp oil also has healing properties – it will help to remove burns and cuts as soon as possible. Mix a spoonful of the product with a raw egg yolk and lubricate the sore spot for 2 hours. Only burns in the healing stage can be treated in this way – it is strictly prohibited to apply oil to fresh burns. The squeezing does not contain any carbohydrates and does not raise the sugar level – so its properties are ideal for diabetes. If you take 1 large spoon of the product daily, the level of harmful cholesterol and sugar decreases, but the useful cholesterol compounds in the blood becomes more.

Hemp oil can help even in the fight against such a dangerous disease as cancer. Apply it for 3 months, the course – but not just drink, as in normal diseases, and try to squeeze to the mucous area under the tongue. In 1 week of the course daily amount is only 1 drop of the product, then the weekly dose is exactly twice as much. In the treatment of oncology should not abandon the achievements of traditional medicine. The useful product is best used as an auxiliary therapy.

In addition to internal use, the product is widely used externally

Squeezing hemp seeds softens and nourishes the epidermis, strengthens the hair and makes it silky, speeds up cell renewal. You can also buy CBD for children Traditional cosmetology widely uses hemp oil – the benefit to the skin is expressed in the positive effect on the epidermis of any type. Oily skin with regular use of the product becomes dryer, and dry – moisturized and softened. Several masks based on the product are popular.

If you mix a spoonful of olive and a spoonful of hemp oil, and then apply the compound to the face for half an hour and wash off with water, the mask will help to cope with the first wrinkles. A mixture of 3 teaspoons of oil, 1 large spoonful of cosmetic clay, 2 teaspoons of oat flour and a small amount of chamomile tea will help with pimples. The ingredients are thoroughly stirred and masked for 20 minutes. The benefits of the hair product are no less. It restores weakened and damaged strands, gives them extra volume and shine, moisturizes too dry scalp.

The easiest way to apply the product is to massage the whole length of the hair, wrap it up with a towel and leave it for 2 hours. Another mask will help from hair loss – stir hemp squeezing with chamomile, coriander and rosemary essential oils, apply to the strands and leave for an hour. This useful product is used for complex care of the whole body. In particular, the properties of squeezing work well against stretch marks and cellulite, help to cope with peeling and itching.

Body care is carried out so – oil in its pure form is thoroughly rubbed into problem areas every 2 days for 2 – 3 weeks. To improve the condition of the skin and make it smoother will help and home gel based on hemp oil with the addition of sesame and pumpkin oil. The product perfectly fights wrinkles all over the body and makes the epidermis younger. The product can be used for home massage – in this case, all valuable substances will penetrate deep into the skin and have an enhanced beneficial effect.
Of course, it is not only hemp oil that can be used for treatment or care – the benefits and harms of the product are also expressed in the culinary field. Green Papas Premium CBD oil is perfect for dressing salads and snacks, it can be used to dilute sauces and marinades, to pick up side dishes and porridges – ordinary dishes will acquire original but pleasant taste. It is best to add hemp oil to cold or moderately warm dishes.